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El Dorado Marketplace for gamers is providing tips on how to improve your internet for optimum playing experience during the pandemic.


Video games, like MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) and MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game), have already become one of the main methods of entertainment for a large part of the population because they can create hours of fun and are increasingly accessible to the public. In the current state of the pandemic, video games have stood out more since they can help maintain constant fun and socialization without having to leave home.


However, MMO videogames require a good internet connection in order to be played smoothly without any problems. If the internet connection deteriorates slightly, it is very likely that there will be slowdowns that will hinder the gameplay.


It is worth mentioning that in this quarantine, many players find themselves in a situation where they have to live almost all day with a considerable number of family members, each of whom occupies a certain part of the internet. This ends up producing a destabilization in the connection that can slow down online videogames considerably in most cases.


Because MMOs and MMORPGs are totally dependent on the user’s internet, any drop in connection can end up affecting the gameplay and this can lead to latency, Ping and Lag. A small latency difference between our connection and that of the other players can be enough to completely ruin a game.


In order to optimize the internet connection so that players can play MMO or MMORPG games smoothly, El Dorado Marketplace for gamers provides several methods to optimize our internet connection:


Using VPN when playing an MMO More than half of all MMORPGs have their main servers in Asian countries, so connecting to these games from the west can cause delays due to the long-distance and sometimes other IP blockages based on the region. These problems can be solved quickly with VPNs (Virtual Private Network), which are tools widely used by MMO and MMORPG players.


By using a VPN, it is possible for anyone to play using the IP Address from anywhere in the world. This also allows you to have a secure and private connection while playing any videogame.


Getting a VPN is extremely easy because they are abound on the Internet. The best countries to connect to are South Korea (in the case of Asian games) and the United States (in Western MMOs) since their connections are more efficient and usually do not suffer from regional blockage.


Check the devices used for connection For a more optimized connection, it is always recommended to connect with an Ethernet cable, instead of a Wi-Fi connection. A wired connection has no obstacles such as walls, floors, or ceilings, so it is not affected by interference. Although, this option is not viable for many who do not have direct access to the Ethernet cable.


In some cases, it is also recommended to check the telephone wiring and rosettes to ensure that they are in perfect condition. This check is simple and is important to ensure that internet slowdowns are not due to external problems, if so, you should call the appropriate technical service.


Optimize PC software to improve your Internet connection To optimize the connection on some MMOs or MMORPGs, it is necessary to open ports on the router. Each game uses different ports, so it will be necessary to get information on that aspect through the help section provided by the videogame.


Another option is to close any other service that may be occupying part of the internet of our PC in the background. These background services can be video conferencing programs, cloud storage services, anti-virus, and automatic updates to our OS.


It is also important to make sure that you give the firewall permissions to allow connections from online videogames. Problems caused by the firewall are largely ignored by some players and can be the cause of a bad connection.


It is hoped that these tips will help you improve your internet connection to play your MMO or MMORPG in these times of quarantine. Another element that greatly enhances our MMORPG playing experience is to use gaming marketplace such as Eldorado.gg to obtain quickly and economically, various advantages that will help save a lot of time and effort on these games.

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