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You can get broadband internet speeds without having to commit to a phone line. That means you can not only save money, potentially, but also avoid the hassle of actually having a phone line installed in your home. Let’s be honest, landlines aren’t the most common features in modern homes now that smartphones are so reliable.

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Broadband doesn’t require a phone line to work. It’s that simple. The phone lines were put in by BT and so that company still requires you to use them, as will many other companies that use the fibre optic lines also put in by BT. Essentially it’s a legacy requirement to help pay off the hardware that BT paid to install and maintain.


So all that means whatever broadband you get, with a separate phone line or not, it will work the same. Yes the phone line is a copper wire connection that’s totally separate to the fibre optics of broadband.


If you want the speed of fibre broadband but without the phone line there’s really only one choice and that’s Virgin Media. It’s the one company that doesn’t use the national telecoms network cabling, as it has put down its own.


The result is the same high-speed fibre optic broadband – well, faster actually – without the need to pay for a phone line you may never use.


It’s understandable that you might think going for BT broadband, where you have to also pay for a landline, would be more expensive than Virgin Media broadband. In reality the pricing isn’t much different.


So while you can avoid getting a phone line, Virgin Media is actually one of the more expensive options as it offers such fast speeds and usually wants you to opt in for a package deal with its TV offerings too.


As such it’s worth checking out our fibre broadband deals feature. You might find that getting a landline package from a provider like TalkTalk actually works out cheaper than the big brands of BT and Virgin. So even if you don’t need the phone, it could end up being cheaper.


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