Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Installations Sacramento


A DAS system or distributed antenna system helps to improve poor cellular signal quality in  building. These work with all wireless carrier networks and the DAS antennas connect with a controller tat is connected wit the cellular phone carriers equipment. LAN installation service.

Why are DAS systems important?

Buildings can have poor signal quality or cellular connectivity due to the materials in the building. Metal, Concrete and LEED certified buildings can lead to poor cellular signals in buildings. Poor signal quality can also result from the number of users in the cellular network in the building.

Multi-operator coverage and capacity for enterprises and big locations

Distributed antenna systems (DAS) fix the need for robust, scalable, multi-operator mobile interactions in business and big locations. Our DAS makes the most of LTE and 5G performance and versatility while decreasing space and power requirements.

No building too complex

Our group of signal professionals has helped numerous business improve signal in structures, from 30,000 sq ft all the way approximately 500,000 sq. ft. We’ve created and installed systems in shopping malls, apartment complexes, healthcare facilities, big nuclear reactor, industrial warehouses, all the way to little offices and retail stores.