Sructured cabling installation

Structured cabling is the life of any network

Wiring your network from the demarc to the workstation is our job.

We offer a totally free consultation, free design and price quote for your structured cabling network requirements.

All optimum networks have actually a well designed and properly installed structured cabling setup as its backbone. We are professionals at showing you with requirements based and robust wireless networks, fiber optic cabling, voice, data and audio -video cabling installation options.
Structured cabling defined

The simple definition for structured cabling is telecommunications infrastructure for buildings that is made up of about 6 structured elements

The components of a well created and set up structured cabling system are 1- flexible adequate to accommodate changes, such as relocations and additions, 2- network efficiency satisfies standards and is predictable, 3- is designed with the future data requires in mind, 4 – has robust redundancy integrated in and 5 – enhances the schedule of the network.

The six Elements Of A Structured Cabling System

The first part of the structured cabling system is where the telecom business network ends and the clients building electrical wiring begins.

The second area is the data room that houses the buildings devices and combines the wiring that serves the structures network end users.

The cabling inside a structure, between structures and connecting the telecommunications entryway, network and data spaces and telecom closets is the cabling foundation. this is comprised of cross-connects, terminations and media for transmission.

The cabling that links the telecommunications spaces to specific outlets in the structure it the horizontal cabling. this cabling also consists of the connection to the backbone cabling cross connects that link to spot panels.

Data rooms and telecom rooms connect the foundation connections to the horizontal cabling that connects to the users.

The end user equipment is connected to the horizontal cabling outlets by means of the workspace parts.

Sound masking systems.